Thursday, October 07, 2004

This has to be some kind of sick joke

Okay, I could handle losing my iPod. I could handle my Palm Pilot crashing mid-sync and erasing itself. I can handle the laptop being ill. All of these things, while annoying, are relatively easily reparable. But now my fucking email isn't working. Somehow, the genius at Time-Warner Cable cancelled my Earthlink account. But they can't fix it, Earthlink has to fix it. But they can't fix it now, it takes 72 fucking hours!

The guy I spoke to on the phone swears that any messages left on the server will still be there when they reinstate the account. They'd fucking better be, since I haven't had my laptop for over a week and if they're not on the server they're obviously not in Outlook either and they're gone forever.

Thankfully, the address I give to people is a forwarding service through my college, and I just changed it to go to my brand new .Mac account. But of course that will confuse anyone who I write TO utterly, and it means .Mac will get all the spam that Earthlink so nicely blocks.

I've always been such a friend to technology, why is it turning on me now???

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