Monday, November 15, 2004

A new home for me, a new home for my blog?

I've always believed .Mac to be a very elegant and overpriced marketing ploy. I pay for my ISP, which gives me email, and I have a forwarding service from my college so I don't have to give out a new address if I change ISPs. I've got more storage space for free on Gmail (or, for that matter, on a CD). My blog is hosted beautifully on Blogger, again for free. There are a billion sites with free photo hosting. .Mac just didn't seem worth $99.95 a year.

But in the wake of the iBook Repair Debacle, I realized that $99.95 a year comes out to only $8.33 per month, and I signed right up. Suddenly the simplicity of the backup synchronization, and the ability to access my home address book and web bookmarks from any browser seems completely worth paying for. I only wish I'd had it before my logic board bit the dust.

Anyway, I bring all this up because I figure as long as I'm paying for it, I should use it as much as possible. So I've been toying around with an application called Blogwave Studio, and I'm considering moving Judgment Call here.

Blogwave is a cute little app, which integrates nicely with OS X, letting me post photos directly from iPhoto, and even MP3s from iTunes and file sharing from my .Mac iDisk. It's also got the one feature I've longed for with Blogger: Categories. My blog tends to be a little scattered, and I like that I can break up the archives by topic instead of by date. On the downside, I'm having trouble working out a couple of design kinks, and I will only be able to post from my computer, not online. Blogger's integration with Google would be missed, too, since a lot of my hits still come from random searches.

So this is an experiment. I've been posting on both sites all month, and have transferred enough of the archives to get a good feel for the new site. I'll continue to maintain both for a while while we decide. I'd love your input if you have any kind of preference at all. Whichever site gets the most electoral votes from the readers wins.

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