Friday, December 31, 2004

Continuing Adventures in Web Design

Three posts in one day? What's going on??

This is just a quick one to note that I'm continuing to tinker with the new design of the JC, and I think I'm just about done as far as my tastes are concerned. In response to complaints about contrast and legibility, I made the font a bit bigger, lightened the blue and green a shade or two each, and changed the post text from grey (which, for the record, was the only default color from the Blogger template (besides the black) I didn't change initially) to white. I've added some spaces between sections of the lists in the sidebar to un-cramp things as well. Personally, I think it all looks rather spiffy, and I thank everyone who gave me feedback on it. Please continue to do so, especially if something other than my prose is giving you a headache!

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