Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy surprise

After leaving work and going to the gym (I managed to leave the locker room unscathed) I wound up becoming thoroughly crankified by people on the street and in the subway stations. Not tourists, either, from what I could tell, just regular idiots. It's crowded out there, of course, it's New Year's Eve, but that doesn't excuse the woman who stopped immediately upon reaching the bottom of the stairs in Grand Central, set her rolly bag down at my feet, and then began to look at her map. Lady, you've made it as far as the subway platform, so I assume you know which train your taking; do you really need to figure out the next step right now? When I stopped short, kicking her bag, the man behind me of course bumped into me, knocking me forward into Clueless Tourist Woman, who had the nerve to turn around and glare at me like it was my fault. The streets just reek with people tonight whose sole purpose seems to be to piss me off. Don't even get me started on the woman -- young, and by all appearances not a tourist at all -- who stopped short on the way into a building and simultaneously moved her cigarette away from her body so that my healthy distance was not only abruptly shortened, but I nearly caught fire as well.

Aaaaanyway, I came home to find a package waiting for me. No, not the new Palm. Last week I dropped and then stepped on my headphones, breaking one of the little ear thingies (they were the kind without a head or neck band that hook over your ears) and rendering them useless. I switched to a backup pair and went to Amazon to reorder then old ones. Free shipping was no longer an option on the ones I'd had for some reason, which sort of negates the Amazon discount, so I started clicking around to look at other options. I found these, which are very similar to my old ones but promised a "tangle-free cord with slider." Since my old headphones were always getting hopelessly tangled, this was a bonus and I bought them.

What I didn't know until they arrived, is that the "1.5 meter cord" is actually optional. This doesn't sound like a big deal but it's actually fabulous. The wire attached to the earpieces themselves is very short, with a straight plug, similar to the standard iPod ear buds. In other words, I can use them with my iPod remote without needing my Container Store cord bubble or risking serious injury from a snag. And I can carry the extension cord in my gym bag for when I need a little extra reach to plug into the TVs on the cardio machines. The cord casings have a weird texture to them, which I guess is how they're tangle-free, but it's fun even if it serves no practical purpose.

I know this is incredibly dull and mundane, but sometimes it really is just the littlest things that excite me and improve my mood.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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