Friday, December 31, 2004

New York Sports Complaints

Not to get all Bridget Jones here, but this is just not the time of year to be trying to keep weight off. There are too many holiday parties and functions to go to and it's just not practical. So I've been eschewing any kind of formal diet in favor of a more traditional version of "healthy" (when, that is, I'm not at parties or in Boy's mom's House of Carbs). Trail mix instead of a cookie when my energy flags in the afternoon; salads, wraps or sushi for lunch most days; Lean Cuisine or soup (and, okay, the occasional bacon burger) for dinner. And since I've been fighting a cold -- remarkably succesfully -- for weeks, lots of vitamin- (and calorie- and sugar-) laden fruit juice (Tropicana "Immunity Defense" and Odwala "Mo' Beta" are especially tasty).

This week has been bad, but I've also been taking advantage of that new gym membership a lot. Which is awesome, and has given me a chance to explore different branches and get into a routine. But, being who I am, it's also given me a chance to begin my list of grievances.

The locker rooms at New York Sports Clubs are apparently designed for tiny people with few personal posessions. Boy thinks I'm silly for complaining about this, but at my old slightly ghetto YMCA, the lockers were full height, and had a shelf near the top and copious hooks. At NYSC, the lockers are half height (which I hated in middle school and I still hate now), and have no shelf. There's still a hook or two, but in winter especially if you hang your coat on it it bunches up at the bottom of the locker. And then where do you put your bag? What about shoes? I don't like working out with my glasses on and my eyes aren't so bad that I can't handle that, but without a shelf do they just go on the bottom of the locker? I don't want to crush them with my sneakers when I go shower. Nor do I want to put my sneakers on top of my clean clothes. In a tall locker, all the clothes can hang, shoes and bags can go on the floor, and small items live on the shelf. I guess it does sound a little silly, and I realize they have to squeeze as many people as possible into their locker rooms, but there's really a lot of stuff to juggle, to say nothing of the traffic nightmare that happens if you're unfortunate enough to wind up changing at the same time as the person above or below you! I bought a second lock and have started taking two lockers on top of each other. This seems like a horrible breach of gym etiquette, although I have yet to see it crowded enough for me to really feel quilty about it. Still, I'm waiting for some corporate prick on steroids to yell at me about it.

Elsewhere in Munchkin Land, the towels at NYSC are child-sized. There's no limit on how many you can take, so it's not a problem getting dry, but I don't think I will ever lose enough weight to be able to fit one of these things around my waist. I'm not terribly comfortable being completely naked in public, let alone walking around that way, and while I realize this is perfectly acceptible in a locker room, I'd really like it if I could cover up just a teensy bit more. Sometimes I think I've managed to secure it long enough to, say, lock my locker and make it to the showers, only to have it pop open and fall at my feet -- almost certainly while I'm bending over to pick up my shoes or something equally embarrassing.

I'm just neurotic enough that this may keep me from the gym, and that is clearly not the right solution!

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