Monday, December 27, 2004

When it's time to change...'ve got to rearrange who you are into what you're gonna be.

I was hoping to get a real post up today, but since I didn't I decided to unveil Judgment Call's new look for the new year a few days early.

I was messing around with Blogger's newer templates to find the code for an automatic Recent Posts list, and I realized I was bored with my old look and quite taken with one of the new ones. A bit of tinkering to figure out how some of the new code works and make it my own, and -- click! -- Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition.

As always, feedback is most welcome, especially if you have constructive ideas for improvements, or if you're having trouble with a particular screen size or browser.

I've gotten a bit backed up on proper posting with work and the holidays, but I plan to be back in full swing later this week!

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