Friday, January 21, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I'm still working on reviews of all sorts of things, but as a delaying tactic I'm finally making good on a months-old promise. I said I'd post photos of the new apartment once we were "settled in," only we didn't get fully settled until minutes before our housewarming party in mid-December. Then we, y'know, had a housewarming party and the place was a mess again and unsuited to showing off. It's not like we didn't clean up, or like we live in filth, but we had some visitors yesterday for whom we wanted to make the place show-off-able, and the sun was out today, so it finally seemed like a good time to take some pics and show off to the rest of you. (Click the photos to see them full size.)

Here's the living room. We had a little mishap with the curtain rod, but otherwise it's pretty done:

The living room from the other side, with the entryway beyond:


The kitchen from the entryway:

A better look at the kitchen (yay, orange stripe!):

We know, we know, the fridge is far too big for the space. We don't care, we lurve it! I worked some Container Store magic on the vast tundra inside and it's a thing of absolute beauty. Anyway, here's what's on the other side of the monolith:

A few angles on the office -- it's less cluttered than it looks but still tough to get all in one shot!

Not much to see, but here's the bathroom:

Finally, our very spartan bedroom. We're waiting 'til we have some money again to get new furniture, so we've held off on making any other decorating choices until we do that. It's okay, we don't spend much time awake in there anyway!

So that's the tour! Now you see why it was worth all the drama!

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