Thursday, February 24, 2005

And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever... (An Update)

So if anyone's still checking this thing, I guess some kind of update on my whereabouts is in order. The short version is I just haven't been spending so much time in front of the computer lately. I haven't been reading other people's blogs either, and my email inbox is full of neglected friends.

Last month I left my cushy temp job with the foreign lawyers (cushy because they were nice, casual, let me do whatever I wanted, and often fed me, not because the pay was actually good) to do an off-off-Broadway show with brilliant old friend who is also a brilliant young director. For a variety of boring reasons, we rehearsed on a strange schedule, which threw me off considerably. I got the hang of it though and found myself actually doing things like housework, and going to the gym, and of course when I wasn't doing any of that there was always that pesky PS2. I kept thinking about writing, but it always felt sort of like homework, and that's not why I do this. So I let it sit until I decided I really wanted to keep it up. And obviously I do. Thanks for sticking around.

In other news... It's been a wonderfully relaxing two months on unemployment and my small fee for the OOB show, but now it's time to get back to work that pays properly. The good news is I've got a fabulous gig for the summer, when I will leave town for two months to head the stage management team at a very prestigious summer theater. The bad news is, that doesn't start until June, and there's not enough time between now and then to make getting another show at all realistic (since anything starting rehearsals now would presumably at least hope to still be running when I leave). The silver lining is that, for a change, I can tell my temp agencies I'm free for this fixed and not insignificant amount of time. It's not my ideal way to spend the spring, but if I can make some money without having to work or think very hard, I'm content. Plus, clearly, it will mean a lot more time in front of a PC to catch up on my reading and writing of blogs.

Yesterday I set foot in Huge Financial Company for the first time since the wardrobe malfunction. I can't say I was happy to be back, but my old agency on-site manager was very happy to see me and already has three days of work for me next week. A couple of clients requested me last year while I was gone. I'll never like their corporate culture (let's not forget the cargo pants incident) and would rather work elsewhere, but it's nice to be liked and not have to start from scratch. I'm pestering several other agencies too, so we'll see. It's all about the Benjamins for the next three months. Well, the Jacksons, at least. Um, Andrew, not Michael and Tito.

Meanwhile, I went back on the Atkins diet Monday, after realizing with horror that in about six months I've gained back about 3/4 of the weight I'd kept off for four years. I'm still in far better shape now than I was then, so I'm sure some of that's muscle, but I can't deny the fact that I've worn only two pair of pants all winter. I've been good about going to the gym too (save a nearly three-week break when things were a little hairy with the show), but my food habits have been appalling since the holidays. I haven't really been overeating, I've just been eating far too much of the stuff that I know my body reacts strongly to. It's like potatoes are going out of style, and I've had a bagel nearly every single day since December. There's been lots of takeout, as I'd mentioned, which almost always means the diner, which means fries, or Chinese, which means rice or doughy dumplings (mmm...dumplings...). One of my actors in the show works at a trendy bakery and brought cupcakes to rehearsal. Normally this would be an acceptable treat, but I had three. Okay, so maybe I have been overeating a little bit....

At any rate, I need to get back on the wagon and get the sugar cravings out of my system. It will have the nice side effect of helping me save money by cooking for myself and packing lunches. And no more black-and-whites from the corner deli! I feel really good about it. I guess I just needed proper motivation, since for several weeks now I've been saying to myself I needed to diet but then reached for dessert anyway. A friend of mine is on NutriSystem, and was kind enough to give me some of their food to try, but it's all just too complicated, since you have to combine their meals with all this stuff, which involves measuring. I'm not good at portion control, and I'm inherently lazy, so going cold-turkey off sugar is just easier for me. The rules are clearer. And of course, it does mean I wind up eating less in general, since the burger I had last night is the same burger it would have been just without the bun and fries, and I generally don't substitute anything for dessert.

Since, being out of town, I have no idea what the summer will bring in terms of healthy eating and exercise (I expect not much for either), I figure I'd better get back down to fighting weight now or it'll only get worse. The weight is already coming off, just as easily as it was gained (I've also been to the gym every day this week, which I feel very smug about), and I haven't spent a dime on food outside of the supermarket all week, except for one proper meal out with Boy.

Life in the the new apartment remains blissfully drama-free. Even the downstairs neighbors seem to have calmed down. Some might call this "giving up," but whatever the reason they've stopped bugging us.

Radish continues to confound and amuse us. We gave up on calling him to try to keep him awake during the day, but he's gotten better about leaving us alone when we're sleeping and we don't really care about the people downstairs anymore. He'll leap up and bite us for no reason one minute, then crawl into a lap and go to sleep the next. I sometimes feel like it's wrong that I like him best when he's sleeping, but he's just so darn cute that way! I'm continually fascinated by instinct and what it means to him. He's a little obsessed with birds. We even got him a window-seat so he can get onto the windowsill with the fire escape (and therefore also a security gate), which seems to be his favorite. The thing is, he was born indoors, and abandoned at a vet's office when he was under a month old, so he's never actually been outside, never actually smelled, touched, or tasted a bird, and I assume never really had any heart-to-hearts with his mom. So how does he know that he's supposed to stare at birds all morning? He loves to climb and gets all stalky sometimes, so we've started calling him our little jungle cat. Of course, he also snuggles with us in bed, and still plays fetch, so that's more sarcasm than anything. I think it's lost on him though.

So that's my news in a slightly large nutshell. I should get off my ass and go about my business outside the house before the snow gets really bad. Thanks again for hanging around The JC through the off-season. It's good to be back.

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