Monday, March 21, 2005

(Bridget) Jonesing for Carbs

I celebrated the 4-week/10-pound mark of my diet yesterday by eating a bagel for lunch, Chinese food for dinner, and not going to the gym. Oops. It wasn't even so much that I craved those things, but that I didn't want much of anything. Dieting has numbed me to food, in a way. It gets boring. I suppose I'd have more options for variety (and sweets) if I were doing a less restrictive but more math-heavy diet like Weight Watchers, but this seems to be working for me. I made a point last week of shopping well and cooking stuff to bring to work for lunch so I'd break out of my rut, but then yesterday morning came along and I just knew I couldn't face another egg or Atkins muffin (which are surprisingly good).

I've been especially slothful today, though I haven't ingested any sugar, and I think my little slip has actually re-inspired me. I'm going to go out later and buy some more muffin mixes and breakfast bars. There are a whole slew of diet programs available for the Palm Pilot, and I've downloaded some demos to try. I already track every penny I spend, why not do the same with food? It might help me get a better sense of what calories mean in my daily life, since I really have very little concept of that. Just by tracking things I might be able to see a little better what, for example, a day's worth of calories ought to be for me.

I mean, really, 10 pounds in a month is pretty damn good, especially considering how little I've been to the gym. And truthfully I've been less hungry in general, and eating far less (carbs or not) as well as spending less money on food. My pants are a little bit looser, though they're still my fat pants, so that doesn't mean quite as much as I'd like it to. But it's a start!

I wonder how many calories I burn doing laundry. Of course that only works if I get off the couch....

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