Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lost in the Wilderness

To elaborate on my cryptic Lost post (though still cryptically for those of you who TiVoed and haven't watched yet), the latest episode provided exactly what was missing from the show for me, but still fit the bill for slowly-building and complicated that's so important to us all. Technically, no big questions were answered (unless you consider Hurley's backstory a big question - and I don't, but I was starting to wonder if we'd ever hear about it), but we got more pieces of the puzzle to fit into place. We still don't know what's under that hatch, but we learned something new about it; we still don't know what's up with the French woman, but we learned something new about her; nearly every major storyline or character was touched on (the raft, Shannon and Sayid, creepy Locke, angry Sawyer, about-to-pop Claire, druggy Charlie, the Koreans, Frenchie and the hatch, and someone at least mentioned the monster). Things move forward. New information only raised more questions, but in a way made me angry that next week is a rerun because I'm excited and want to know more. That's what I want in my creepy, mysterious and vaguely supernatural television. Yay, JJ!

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