Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Other Other Sister

There's this very weird ad campaign for PFLAG in the subway stations of New York (and presumably elsewhere as well) with big pictures of celebrities and their gay relatives. Seems like a good idea, but where did they find these people?? Let's start with Cyndi Lauper and her sister. Cyndi looks hot. How old is she? 45? 50? She may have had a little work done, but who cares? I'd do her. Her sister, meanwhile, could be an illustration in the dictionary next to bull dyke. Okay, sure, it's PFLAG, and she should be out and proud and be herself and all that, but if I were being photographed for a national ad campaign, I might think about not cutting my own hair for a change, and perhaps invest in a shirt with sleeves. This woman makes the Indigo Girls look like runway models.

Then there's Ben Affleck and his cousin, who appears to be severely mentally challenged. Also, I just read on the site that the cousin is 26. I'd just assumed from the photo that he was around 15. That is some strange and inappropriate touching for two related adults. Maybe he's just screaming, "No, don't make me watch Bounce again!"

We have Congressman Meeks, who is definitely not a celebrity (and I live in his county!), and his brother who needs to either grow a proper ponytail or get over it, and retire the hippie dress.

And I had no idea that Fyvush Finkel was gay, let alone that Barbara Cook was his mom!

It's like the Gephardts are the only ones who bothered to shower for this event. I always knew I liked Dick!

I guess I should be happy that they're debunking the myth that's been Queer Eyed into us that all gay people are thin and gorgeous and well-groomed, but this is not who I want to look at during my morning commute. I get enough of that actually on the subway with me.

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