Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Quest

You Judgment Callers are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, so I put my current dilemma to you for recommendations and advice.

I am on the hunt for the perfect iPod case (for my 40 GB click wheel model) and it's harder than you might think. This is undoubtedly largely because I'm incredibly picky, so here are my criteria:
-It needs to protect my precious reasonably well.
I carry my iPod pretty much everywhere, and once bulky-jacket-with-big-pockets weather is over it will mostly be on my belt. This means it will inevitably get jostled and bumped and perhaps even dropped, and I just don't want to have to worry about it.
-It needs to have a belt clip.
See above. And it should be a clip, not a loop that requires you to actually take off your belt to thread it through (or, for that matter, be wearing a belt).
-It shouldn't be too bulky.
-It should be fairly easy to get the iPod in and out of it.
I use speakers with dock connectors at home and at work, so while most cases have a way to get a cable into the slot, I like to actually remove the Precious and sit it in the dock.
-One thing I don't need is particularly good access to the front panel, since I use a remote for the basic controls most of the time.

I started out with iPod Armor, which fit all my criteria pretty well, though it was a little heavy and large. When that got lost/stolen, I decided to try something new, and got the Xtremity - same basic form as the Armor, but made of much lighter plastic, a little slimmer, and I like the clear cover that you can see the screen through. But after a few months, I'm really unhappy with it. The white and light grey parts are filthy and the clear cover is all scratched up. The iPod itself is getting pretty scratched too, which seems to defeat the purpose of a case.

So I'm on a mission. I was very excited about the Speck Tough-Skin and actually bought one online. It's gorgeous, not nearly as bulky as it looks in the pics, and the flip cover over the wheel is genius. The only problem is, once the iPod is inside it really doesn't want to come out again, so getting it into its speakers at work every day is a real bitch. I immediately put it back on Ebay.

I like Marware's new TrailVue very much, but so far those are only out for Minis and 20GB models. They also make the SportSuit, which is cute, but it has that weird protruding bubble on the front flap.

I just found this one, which I like, but I'm skeptical about the exposed controls.

Who knew this would be so complicated? I suspect I'll wind up going back to the Armor, or maybe waiting around a while to see what Marware comes out with, but if any readers have fabulous suggestions of cases they just love, I'd love to hear them!

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