Sunday, April 24, 2005

All good things...

It all started so well. As the weather got warmer, I stopped working multiple jobs, kicked my cold, and finally got enough sleep. One particularly lovely day a couple of weeks ago, I'd slept for 9 or 10 hours, and made my way to work with hardly a trace of crank. I didn't get a seat on the train, but I wound up standing at the very front of the first car, blissfully staring out the window at the sunlit Manhattan skyline and listening to a spring mix on my iPod. A few days after that, I spend eight hours cleaning the apartment. And none of this Roomba shit, I'm talking broom and mop and Windex and moving furniture and traumatizing the cat and everything in the laundry. I was inspired. I was relaxed. Attractive people roamed the streets wearing less and less clothing. I love love love the spring!

But of course, there's a hitch. Now that the weather's warmer, there are all these damn people everywhere. I enjoy the sunshine and all, but I still have to get places, don't you? Could you please walk a little faster? It's not even just tourists, it's fucking everybody. The past couple weeks I've been back to working weekends near Times Square (more on that shortly), and people still don't get that 42nd Street is not a friggin' theme park ride! (Obviously, not enough people are reading my blog.) I understand that it's a beautiful spring weekend, but you know those people who waited on you in the restaurant? Who performed (and managed and crewed and ushed) that Broadway show? We were working, and while, yes, to some extent we owe our jobs to you, you are also making our lives miserable with your ambling, gaping, and stopping short in the middle of the sidewalk. If it's a beautiful spring weekend, then what are you doing in Times Square anyway? Go to a park, for god's sake! We've got plenty of them!

I guess being uncranky for more than a month was just too much to hope for.

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