Friday, April 01, 2005

Fun With Playlists: In Bed

There's a meme going around where you play your digital music library on shuffle and add "in bed," fortune-cookie-style to the titles of the first 25 songs that play. I wasn't going to do it, but on the way into work I happened to have my iPod on shuffle and I couldn't stop giggling. Because I'm 12. This isn't actually from my entire library, since I had it on a smart playlist that excludes showtunes, film scores and the like. But that's still 3,000+ songs to choose from. (Given that number, I cannot explain the iPod's apparent desire to listen to Ani DiFranco this morning.) So here are the first 25 songs I heard today, made silly:

1. Don't Go in bed [unless you're into that sort of thing]
2. In Too Deep in bed [no comment]
3. Don't Talk in bed
4. What It Feels Like For A Girl in bed [I wouldn't know]
5. Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradise) in bed
6. Anticipate in bed
7. Help Myself in bed [hee!]
8. The Dreamers in bed [duh!]
9. I Love U But I Don't Trust U in bed [dysfunctional!]
10. Smooth Criminal in bed
11. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man in bed
12. Fame '90 Remix in bed
13. Die Another Day in bed
14. Joy To The World in bed [orgy!]
15. Crazy in bed [rarr!]
16. Something Is Wrong in bed [it's not a flower!]
17. Jonas and Ezekial in bed [yeah, Old Testament lovin'!]
18. Rock Me Amadeus in bed [yeah, Classical lovin']
19. But Not For Me in bed [so sad!]
20. Joyful Girl in bed [I should hope so!]
21. Work Your Way Out in bed
22. You're With Stupid Now in bed [been there, done that]
23. Rio in bed
24. Time After Time in bed [tantric, baby]
25. Try A Little Tenderness in bed [yes, please!]

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