Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm leaving my heart in New York, but I may pick up a new spleen

I'm on a plane. I believe this qualifies as a red-eye. It doesn't feel that way now, but I'm sure it will when I land and they tell me it's 11:45 but my body says it's nearly 3 am.

There's a good reason my blogging has tapered off from the usual ramblings of a bored temp in the last two weeks. So good I haven't had time to blog about it! A show I did last year is being re-mounted in San Francisco. It all came together very quickly, so I wound up giving less than two weeks' notice at Big Financial Company, and doing most of my pre-production work from my desk at Big Financial Company. (Let's hear it for largely unsupervised work environments! And of course, I didn't have to give two weeks' notice, being a temp, but I'd committed to them through May and want to come back after my trip, so I wanted to be as good as possible. They were very cool about the whole thing, actually.) Aaaanyway, exactly two weeks ago, I worked for four hours at BFC to train my replacement, then spent a day and a half racing around the city having impromptu meetings and getting all of my prep work that couldn't be done on someone else's dime finished in time for rehearsals. We spent 2 weeks in the studio, putting new actors into the show and refreshing the old ones, and making some changes and adjustments along the way. It's been kind of a whirlwind. This is my first time doing this sort of re-mount, and it's been challenging and fun. A big career step forward, but also a lovely trip back to one of my favorite projects with some of my favorite people.

And so here I am, on a plane across the country! (I'm not sure where I am exactly, since the movie is on and that cool little map is gone.) It's still sinking in that I'm getting paid to go to San Francisco! I've never been, and it's definitely on my list. (Lots of places are on my list - I'm embarrassingly poorly traveled - but SF is high up there.) I go for two weeks before handing the show over to a local stage manager, and while there will be lots and lots of work, I plan to find time to explore as much of the city as I can, eat some good seafood and look for Barbary Lane (yes, yes, I know it doesn't exist). I'll post when I can, and take lots of pictures!

For now, though, I'm going to turn my full attention to Spanglish, because as long as I'm a captive audience I might as well see if it's as bad as everyone said it was.

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