Monday, April 18, 2005

Memos to Everwood

Memo to the WB: Please don't make us wait 3 months for a new episode of anything ever again, especially after a cliffhanger. It won't make the new episode any better. In fact, after all the buildup and waiting, it can only be anticlimactic and bad. And it was.

Memo to Madison; cc: any woman who may find herself in this situation: If your ex-boyfriend has a huge life-changing audition, and he doesn't know that you were pregnant with his child and paid by his dad to leave town and keep quiet about it and gave the child up for adoption, and you randomly run into the boyfriend, by all means do what you gotta do, but wait until AFTER the audition!!

Memo to Ephram: You're an idiot. Get over yourself.

Memo to Bright: No one says "boo-yah" anymore. I'm not sure anyone not on a WB drama ever did.

Memo to Amy: You're no Joey Potter.

Memo to Scott Wolf: Fire your agent and start campaigning for a guest spot on Lost as Jack's alcoholic brother.

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