Sunday, April 10, 2005

So this is what things look like from the "peer" side of "peer pressure."

I do have a real post planned for this weekend, really I do (but it's about good moods and happiness and spring cleaning and cute little fluffy animals, and those things are frankly boring), but in the meantime I have to share the very exciting news that my friend ME has started a blog of his own, Adventures in Purgatory. ME comments frequently here, often sends me very clever emails, and even more often complains about how much down-time he has at his job, so I've been hounding him forever to share. He'll probably kill me for sharing this at this early stage (the first post is always the hardest -- it's like admitting you have a problem), but I'm excited and he made the mistake of wondering in writing "who'd actually read this stuff." Now watch, his readership will eclipse mine in a month.

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