Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Aaaand we're back...

Back at Huge Financial Company and it’s like I never left. Well, except for the game of musical chairs we’ve played. The temp who replaced me is still here, and the other temp has moved on to a permanent job, so I’ve replaced him. Through most of this building, the offices are at the core and the cubicles are on the outside. This means, oddly, that the important people have no windows but us peons do. However when I was here last month I was in this weird section of purgatory on the inside of the building where they stick consultants. The nice thing about that was being very far away from my actual coworkers, free to make phone calls, instant message, and blog with impunity through my fluorescent-lit gloominess. So the good news is I’m now near a window with a glorious 47th-floor view of Manhattan to the north. The bad news is I’ve lost all that quiet and unsupervised goodness and will actually have to work at work (or at least do a better job of keeping up appearances).

Of course, for the moment I can do very little, as I made a point of getting in early (as much for the purpose of padding my hours as anything else) and no one else is here. My internet login has been disabled in my absence, and the papers I normally work on are locked up, so all I can really do is sit and write this in Word.

I finished fixing my date book on the train this morning. Appointments that wound up spanning more than one day when they got moved (eg, something from 8 to 10 pm that’s now from 11 pm to 1 am) lost their end times and durations. So unless I happen to know for sure (like the length of a show I was working on), I had to guess. Did I spend 2 hours with friends in that restaurant or 3? It shouldn’t matter even a little bit, but it does because I’m crazy.

Otherwise, I guess I’m glad to be back home, rush hour subway and temp blahness and all. It wasn’t so much that California itself relaxed me, it was that living in a hotel for two weeks spoiled me, as did having a 1-minute commute. Even during tech that makes for a lot of sleep! I ignored my diet and didn’t feel guilty about it because I wasn’t at home and I walked a lot. And I was surrounded by people who used Macs, instead of fighting with this painfully slow Dell at the office! Oh well. Waddayagonnado?

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