Friday, May 27, 2005

Fun with Grown-Up Purchases!

The weekend before last, Boy and I went bedroom shopping. We'd dropped a bunch of money on shelving and various housewares at Ikea when we first moved into the new place, but this was the first time either of us had ever bought a whole room's worth of matching furniture. Six pieces in all (bed, headboard, 2 dressers and 2 nightstands), plus a mattress. It all felt shockingly adult. And as Boy pointed out, it's very strange to spend that much money and come home completely empty-handed.

It was all surprisingly easy and actually pleasant. We hit a sale and a salesman who gave us an additional 10% off on the furniture. At the mattress place, our salesman must have decided that we were never going to be a $2,000 sale for him so he wanted to make sure we some kind of sale, and spent a lot of time with us discussing the differences between traditional and "memory foam" mattresses, and wound up selling us a floor sample for much less than half what a brand new one would have cost. (So we went with the memory foam, which is fabulous - though admittedly it's awfully hard to judge a mattress in 5 minutes, and they frown upon customers having sex or spending the night in the store.)

So it was all perfectly lovely... until we tried to finalize our plans for delivery. Gothic Cabinet Craft couldn't give us a window until 1:00 yesterday afternoon, which was mildly irritating but not entirely unreasonable. However Sleepy's ("the mattress professionals, doing it right") couldn't tell us when to expect our delivery until 7:00 this morning! Um, what??? I've been given 8-hour delivery windows before, and I've been told to call back the day before, but the morning of?? When I finally got a live customer service rep on the phone and explained that I needed to know a little earlier than that if I was taking off from work, she was utterly baffled. I mean, seriously, what good is telling me the delivery window at 7 am? It basically shoots the whole day. Boy's schedule is more flexible than mine, and he's already staying home from 9 to 2 to wait for the furniture, and we're only working a half day at Huge Financial Company today, but I just can't believe no one's complained about this before. I get that there was nothing they could actually do to help me, since no information would be in their computers until the stuff was on the trucks and the trucks had their routes, but what amazed me was that the woman on the phone was so completely mystified by why I might find this policy unacceptable, or inconvenient, or why it might cause a loss of income!! Which of course just riled me up more, and I completely let her have it, hoping she'd at least relay the story of the angry man to a supervisor who might put into motion some sort of consideration of changing the dumbness.

As it turns out, the mattress coming between 6 and 10 tonight, so Boy's off the hook as soon as the furniture arrives, and I don't have to leave work any earlier than I'd planned to, but still. And of course that raises new issues, like the way we're not supposed to get any deliveries in the building after 7, I think, and the way the basement (through which all large deliveries are supposed to come, since there are stairs in the lobby not to mention nice floors) closes at 9:00 (which is itself another rant for another day), but fingers crossed it'll come on the early side and we can fully enjoy breaking it in.

On a related note, all of this means that we have some furniture for sale. So if you live in the New York City area, want some decent furniture for cheap, and have a way to transport the stuff, check the Craigslist links below (and you'll see why it was time to get new stuff that matches!!):
Ikea "Logga" bed and SertaPedic firm mattress (full)
Ikea "Robin" 3-drawer chest (green)

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