Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So, poking around the Entertainment Weekly website today, I was reminded of a classic goof in Star Wars, in which Mark Hamill, caught up in the excitement of the scene in the hangar after the Death Star battle, yells out "Carrie!" (as in Fisher) instead of "Leia!" (as in Organa...yeah, I'm also one of those nerds who knew her last name long before Jimmy Smitts became her "dad"). You can't see his face, and Hamill seems willing to still be involved with the franchise (or at least make fun of it -- he voices his own action figure frequently on Robot Chicken), so it would have been awfully easy to fix. So of course I had to check the DVD when I got home. Still there. And the subtitles say nothing. Lucas didn't like a speck of dust on a matte painting but he doesn't fix that??

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