Monday, May 09, 2005

Return of the Crank

Toto, I don't think we're in Northern California anymore.

I am, unsurprisingly, a compulsive record-keeper. So when I changed time zones and everything in my Palm Pilot's datebook shifted up by three hours, I was a little upset, because I don't just use my Palm to tell me where I'm supposed to be, I also use it to tell me where I've been, and when. Since my new-ish Palm has many fancy features I don't fully understand, I just assumed it was responsible for the problem. I tried several methods to fix it, and when none were successful I simply started to fix it all, working slowly backwards. I was totally zen about the whole thing. After all, I was in technical rehearsals, and later on a five-hour flight, and I had plenty of downtime. I got through last July before returning home.

Then today I opened iCal and discovered that everything had moved 3 hours later. If I'd really thought about it earlier, I'd have realized that the change hadn't occurred until after I'd synced. It hadn't been the Palm's fault, it was iCal's. Turns out there's a checkbox in the preferences marked "Turn on time zone support." Check it, and your calendar's current time zone appears on its window, along with the option to shift your appointments. Don't check it (the default), and it does it automatically. So the good news is, everything I hadn't fixed fixed itself. The bad news...everything I'd already fixed got unfixed, and now I have to fix them again. And for some reason, when appointments moved forward, items that were at, say 8 pm and wound up spanning over 2 days got confused and lost their proper durations. So unless I happen to remember, I don't know when anything ended. This shouldn't matter at all, really, since the events are in the past, but it makes me crazy. I think it's possible that I was less neurotic before returning to New York.

In other news, the sliding door to our shower popped off its track today when Boy was getting ready for work (and I had not yet gone to bed, having just arrived on an actual red-eye). This has happened many times before, and this time the screw that holds one of the little glidy wheels in place went down the drain. We've talked about replacing the doors with a curtain since before we moved in, and this was the final impetus I needed to get all butch and tear apart the bathroom (or, depending on your point of view, to get all faggy and redecorate). I'd never really examined the door closely before, and it actually looks quite easy to remove the frame without leaving a big mess, so late this afternoon I went to Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond for supplies. This was all well and good, but by the time I got home it was too late to do any actual work without pissing off the neighbors. So the door is still off its track, I've got a bag full of hardware, and I'm completely unsatisfied.

On the bright side, I've returned to the land of Boy, Kitten, and good bagels. Of course, now that I'm back I need to resume by diet, so that last one is small comfort.

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