Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sith or That

Okay, just one more thought on Revenge of the Sith -- I got the soundtrack over the weekend, and it's excellent, but it does seem like George Lucas is the only person who believes these movies should be watched in order from Episode 1 to Episode 6. John Williams clearly believes this is the final chapter. I mentioned the other day that the best moments in the new movie are ones which harken back to the old movies. The score just sort of drives that home. The film ends with a shot and a piece of music lifted directly from Episode IV, and it's a moment of great portent, but only because of what it references. And I suppose if I'd never seen Star Wars it wouldn't even feel portentous, but probably in that case I'd be thinking "God, that was pretentious, what was that about?" In a world where this is the last of six movies (ie, the world we all live in, of which George Lucas is apparently not a part), it makes perfect sense to echo the first chapter in the last, completing the circle.

Also on the CD, I noticed that the closing credits contain "The Throne Room" music from the end of - yup - Star Wars. Now if that doesn't scream final chapter (or perhaps more accurately, "I've been writing this music for 30 years can I please just stop and go home and sit on my pile of money now?") I don't know what does.

Anyway. Enough of that from me. But for more Sith from better writers, check out Sars' marvelously spot-on review on Tomato Nation (contains spoilers), and for some funny see The Billboard Country Music Top Ten If Kenny Chesney Were Anakin Skywalker and Renée Zellweger Were Padmé Amidala on FameTracker (sort of contains spoilers but only if you're really a freak about such things).

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