Friday, May 06, 2005

Tiger Envy

I promised myself I would wait. I'm planning to get a new computer in the fall (assuming I have a job and Powerbook prices drop as expected), and I said I could wait until then when the bugs are worked out and I have a faster processor. But it's just so pretty. I want it now.

The SF Apple Store is just a couple blocks from the hotel, so I went to the launch event purely to try to win free stuff (I got an iTunes song), and of course wound up playing with all the new features. I've been looking at all the fun Dashboard widgets I can download. It's largely cosmetic for me. There's nothing I need. I have LaunchBar, which is pretty much what Spotlight does, Dashboard is certainly a unnecessary toy, and I doubt I'll ever really use Automator, and I still don't understand what RSS is.

But dammit, it's shiny and I want it NOW!!!

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