Friday, May 27, 2005

Well of COURSE that went badly!

So Boy called a little while ago to tell me the furniture had arrived...minus the nightstands and with the wrong goddamn headboard. The headboard is actually a somewhat reasonable mistake - it's a slatted thing, and for some reason in birch the slats are closed (like they're laid over another piece of wood) and in pine they're open. We wanted the open version, but ordered everything else in birch, so they got confused. The nightstands, however, were "out of stock" and no one bothered to tell us.

Since I'm the resident yeller in the house, I called the store, where the heavily-accented salesman told me he'd just found out about the nightstands this morning.
"But we placed our order two weeks ago."
"They oversold them. In the newspaper."

I took this to mean there'd been a big sale circular, or a rush of phone orders or something. But isn't part of the gimmick of Gothic Cabinet Craft that they make the furniture for you? And if you go to the "factory outlet," as we did, doesn't that imply a certain easy accessibility to fresh-off-the-table-saw furniture?

Apparently not. Apparently, our nightstands are actually on a boat from Romania. Seriously, this is what he said.

He was quite apologetic about the headboard, and said he would swap it for the right one when the nightstands arrive, and he'd call me back when he had a clearer ETA. Good enough, but I felt the need to make the point that this screw up meant someone would have to take additional time off from work, and was therefore costing us money. "No," he said, "I call you when they're in to set up time. No wait unless they coming."

"Right," I said, losing my cool, "but we've already taken time off to wait for one delivery, now we have to take more time off to wait for a second one. Instead of getting it all at once like we were supposed to."

"No, I call you. You no have to wait twice."

"No no no. We've already waited once. So now when the nightstands come, even when you call us, that will be twice. And it costs us money. We lose income."

"I call you! I call you!"

He wasn't getting it.

"No... look... this was your mistake, and it is a problem for us. The time. So can you maybe give us some money back or something?"

"Next time you need something, you come in, I give you good deal."

I was done. I mean, it's not inconceivable that we will buy furniture from them again, but this did not strike me as an acceptable solution to the problem. But the old Greek had exhausted me. Now, of course, I want to find something - anything - to buy, just on principle. Of course then we'd have to get it delivered.

So it looks like our bedroom won't be complete for at least two weeks. At which point I'll be out of town for the summer and won't even get to enjoy it. I mean, they're bedside tables, not oxygen tanks. We can live without them, but that's not the point. Incompetence makes me crazy, especially when I've spent far more money on something than I'm in the habit of spending. Which I realize is nowhere near as much money as some people are in the habit of spending. But y'know, take some responsibility when you fuck up. Don't make excuses, don't blame other customers, and fix the damn problem in a timely and cost-effective manner to me, the customer. Because that is your job! And this isn't even a monopoly like the phone company, there are plenty of places to buy moderately priced wood furniture. You'd think they'd make a fucking effort to please the customer.

Anyway, here's the furniture we're selling again. I'm going to put it in every post from now until it's gone. Remember it's all OBE, so let's make a deal!
Ikea "Logga" bed and SertaPedic firm mattress (full)
Ikea "Robin" 3-drawer chest (green)

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