Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The filmmaker cannot see...

At one point while watching the movie of Rent, I was torn apart by two conflicting ideals. On one side, my love and respect for good continuity, and on the other, my hatred and disdain for errors in period accuracy.

There's a rare on-location shot on a New York subway platform (which took me out of the movie completely thinking how sad it was that the East Village has changed so much in ten years as to make actually shooting in town pointless (though that doesn't excuse the back-lot dead-end, one-lane Avenue A) yet the Delancy Street station still looks like total ass), and a 2005-ish F train pulls into the station and our heroes get on. We then switch to a set of the train interior. Now, someone with a keen eye put the exact same ads that are briefly glimpsed through the window of the real train onto the fake train, perhaps hoping to make up for the sudden appearance of 1989-ish graffiti. The only problem with that, of course, is that none of those ads, nor the things they're advertising actually existed when the movie takes place.

It was the only scene in the movie about starving, dying young artists that made me want to cry.

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