Monday, December 12, 2005

Hello, Moto

While I'm pretty prone to impulse shopping, when it comes to expensive electronics, I tend to research and deliberate. And did I not just say I don't need a new cell phone? In fact, with my old one working just fine, it could almost be considered irresponsible to take a chance with a new brand, since I use my cell constantly for business. At the very least, I should be trying out the phones in the store, making sure the volume is loud and the signal is clear, and looking for the best rebates.

OR, I could be so smitten with the new Verizon version of the sexy, tiny, product-placed-on-Alias Motorola Razr that I buy one on the first day it's available in stores, with no regard for practicality or price.

Um, not that I just did that or anything....

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