Thursday, December 08, 2005

O Christmas Treo

I'm due for a new phone. I don't strictly need a new phone, I'm quite happy with my old phone, but Verizon gives you $100 off a new one every 2 years, and I can never resist a new toy.

Gadget freak that I am, it stands to reason that I would want a Treo. In fact, I don't. I like the idea of carrying one less gadget by combining two, and the little keyboard makes me happy. But I use my Palm quite a bit and five minutes of trying to read on the Treo screen gives me a headache because it's too small. Yet the thing is so big by phone standards that it feels silly talking, essentially, into a Palm Pilot. My current Palm is less than a year old, and wasn't exactly cheap, so it's hard to justify the sizeable chunk of change, even with rebates, a Treo (not to mention software and cool cases) would cost versus the $50 or less for a new phone that's compatible with my existing accessories, extra batteries, etc. And I just know that a week after I buy one a new model will come out.

But I want one anyway. Boy just got one. At least three coworkers have them and another is planning to get one and asked if I could help him set it up with his Mac. There's a huge ad campaign in the subways. I have major Treo envy. It's actually not a practical choice for me, since it has far less memory than my T3, which I've filled up quite nicely. And because I use both my Palm and my cell so much, if anything happened to it I'd be doubly fucked. But I want one. Everyone else has them. I want to be the kid with the coolest, hippest toys!

Dammit, being a geek is hard sometimes.

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