Friday, December 16, 2005


If there had simply been a transit strike, I'd have the day off. And thanks to my union, I'd even get paid a little (they have to pay us for the first cancelled performance in such circumstances, and then they're off the hook if it keeps going).

But no, they're still negotiating but also still threatening, and that just fucks everything up. I realize the point of all this is to be inconvenient, but it's not really the MTA or the city government who suffers. People aren't buying tickets to shows, for example, because they don't know if they'll be able to get to them or not. The show I'm working on is struggling, and just spent a small fortune on ads, which was basically money thrown out the window because the weekend is now shot.

This, of course, is why it's illegal in New York state for public workers (transit, cops, teachers, etc.) to strike. Which doesn't matter apparently since they're saying they'll do it anyway.

All of this is really an elaborate and not very articulate way of saying I wish I were still in bed. On the bright side, there was only one guy working on that elevator this morning, and he seemed very hard at work. I don't understand how anything works anymore.

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