Thursday, December 22, 2005

War on Christmas? War on TASTE!

Yay! The strike's over! No subways until tomorrow morning, probably, and since my early-morning commitment is over now, I'd planned to go home tonight no matter what anyway, so that might be a bit of an adventure, but at least the end is in sight, and it hasn't been all that bad for me personally.

My walk to my mom's last night took my past Lincoln Center and their beautiful tree. I took a picture with my phone and it's all blurry but I like it anyway:
lincoln center

I like the blue, and the way they have matching decorations on the trees around the reflecting pool in the distance.

In the lobby of the building where I'm working (a multi-use building of which the theater is only one part) there's a lovely Christmas tree. It's only about 5 feet tall, and decorated simply with white lights and some red and blue balls and apples (small ornaments, not real apples). It's very pretty and understated and suits the small lobby perfectly.

Next to it, set on a black wood box, is a fantastically ugly, tacky, white plastic menorah. You know the kind, with the orange "candle" light bulbs. It's hideous, and it mars the whole space and detracts from the tree. And since it's not Chanukah yet, it's not even lit, which might make it look a teensy bit better.

Let's go over this again, people. Chanukah is NOT "the Jewish Christmas." Just because you put a Christmas tree in your lobby, it does not mean you're obligated to put a menorah there as well. And really, if you're going to throw the Jews a bone, why must you make it the tackiest, ugliest bone possible? I'm all about the inclusiveness, the "Happy Holidays" and all that, but if I see another one of these or these, I'm gonna hurl.

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