Thursday, December 08, 2005

With friends like these...

I've managed to rather suddenly become horribly overcommitted. Well, not horribly, as all the commitments actually manage to fit in around one another, and because it's all good work and some extra cash for the holidays, but it leaves me with little time at home awake and even less for things like spending that holiday cash. I've got my play eight times a week (soon to be on a thoroughly wacky schedule for Christmas and New Year's weeks), a reading of a new musical during the day this week, and a workshop of yet another show the next two weeks. Oh, and last Monday I worked on a benefit.

Today was the first really bad day of it for me. I was determined to accomplish things when I got home from work last night, so I went to bed far too late for having to be back at work relatively early in the morning. Though, since this schedule eliminates any possibility of the gym, one of the things I made sure to accomplish last night was to buy groceries and pack meals, so I'll stop spending so much money and start sticking to my diet (Boy and I are both sort of trying The Abs Diet, but more on that later).

Unfortunately for me, Faustus, the composer of this week's musical, bakes when he's stressed, and the skinny bitch brought an enormous tray of brownies to rehearsal. Sleepy and desperate for sugar, I ate at least three. It all has the makings of an elaborate plot. Why must even my friends be out to get me?

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