Monday, January 16, 2006

In the News

Home health care workers are rallying in the city today to protest the fact that they only make $6 an hour. I'm sorry, what? People who go into people's homes and take care of other people, who clean up piss and shit and vomit and blood only make $6 an hour?? And the TWU went on strike because $20 an hour wasn't enough for driving trains? Fuck you, transit workers. Again.

The top story for days has been about a little girl who was beaten to death by her stepfather. Apparnetly the child services people were involved, but somehow missed the fact that this girl was in imminent danger, and neighbors knew but didn't say anything, so it's a big scandal. It's a tragic story, very upsetting. But here's the thing, and I suspect it makes me a terrible person: I can't hear the child's name without thinking what the fuck? Her name was Nixzmary. It's apparently pronounced "Nix-marie," like Marie Antoinnette, or "Nix-mary," like Mary had a little lamb, depending on the reporter. The Z, I guess, is silent. What the hell kind of a name is Nixzmary?? This is not the thing to be focusing on in this appalling story, and so I feel guilty every time it happens. It happens a lot. Every time they say it. Does this make me evil?

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