Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Loud is the New Good

I watched about 5 minutes of American Idol last night, and during the seemingly endless this-is-some-of-what-you'll-see-this-week opening sequence, a girl described by Ryan Seacrest in voiceover as having "the voice of an angel" (to contrast, Foxerifically, with her "home life from hell") SCREAMED her way through "Since U Been Gone." Now, I'm not saying she was bad, but I don't approve of the message that belting your lungs out is "angelic." Even when she rocks out, Kelly Clarkson doesn't just yell that song. Girl can belt, but she can also act a song. There's nuance and emotion there even when she's being loud. I like American Idol and I think all the winners so far have been talented (except for that last really bland girl), but must they continue to promote this idea that shrieking is the ultimate goal?

Fox may redeem itself if I see some blood on Skating With Celebrities in a few minutes.

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