Monday, January 30, 2006

Photo Philler

I'd hoped to get some real blogging in today but I kept having to work. At work! Can you believe it? It's not like they're paying me to do shit for them...oh, wait, it's exactly like that. Damn.

Oh well, so it's cell phone photo time instead of a real post! (Click on a photo for a larger view.)

Getting artsy on the subway platform. I like how thin my shadow looks.

Pretty view of the east side of Manhattan and the west side of Queens from my office's conference room early this morning.

Radish has been surprisingly cuddly lately, getting into our laps in the evening and sleeping on the couch. He's still a rambunctious little brat when he wants to be, but we're hoping there's a softening trend happening. Plus, look at all the cuteness!!

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