Friday, January 06, 2006

Various and Sundry Streams of Consciousness

Making up for a lack of posts in 3 weeks, here are several mini-posts!

I'm unemployed again. "That's show-biz, kid." But I was hoping to get a couple more weeks out of this one. The holiday schedule meant we closed, oddly, on a Friday. December 23rd, to be exact. Merry fucking Christmas.

I've put a positive spin on the whole thing, because I really was in desperate need of a break. I made lots of to-do lists and planned all sorts of cleaning and organizing projects around the house, daily trips to the gym, lots of reading and writing. I don't really do New Year's resolutions, because they're always the same for me – lose weight, read more (I have unread books that I got last Christmas – oh, excuse me, Holiday), and write more (both for the blog and for myself).

You can tell I haven't been keeping up with the blog, so you can trust me when I say I have not been using my free time well in other areas either. Mostly, since returning from Boy's mom's for Christmas, I have sat on the couch playing Geist and watching Starting Over.

My favorite jeans have a hole in the crotch. If they were simply my favorites I could cope, but they're also one of only three pair of casual pants that fit me right now, because I need to lose 20 pounds. And since I refuse to buy new fat pants (as if that will somehow help me lose the weight), having to take a pair out of rotation is deadly.

Before Thanksgiving I checked out The Abs Diet. Boy got the book a while back but neither of us really did anything with it. I like it. It's like Atkins minus the crazy. Lots of protein, no refined sugar or corn syrup, avoid starchy carbs but whole grains are great, lots of berries and fruit and greens, rah rah fiber. Trying to get some motivation for the gym, I downloaded the "personal trainer" audiobook from iTunes and I like that too. Lots of weights (which I'm happy for the guidance on) and not much cardio (which I tend to get bored doing). Of course then work got insane and I completely dropped it. So far not much luck using my "vacation" to get back in the groove.

I did manage to catalog and sort all of our books, and clean the kitchen and bathroom really well. That's enough cleaning for one year, right?

Rufus Wainwright is not cute in person.

It's very hard to get a cat to sit still and wear a yamaclaus.

A very tiny silver screw appeared on my desk a week or two ago. I left it there, hoping it would reveal where it belongs. Now there's another one. Either they're spawning, or something I own is slowly falling apart.

I made a chocolate-mint cheesecake for New Year's Eve. See above re: pants not fitting.

I'm tired of people dismissing musicals, regardless of the style of music, because "people don't sing in real life." Yes, it's called fiction. Why can you accept a world in which Superman flies and elves battle orcs and reality TV is real, but you can't accept one in which people sing? It's an age-old method of storytelling. And these are probably the same people who will convey emotion by making a mixtape.

I got a personal training session for Chanukah, and I never used the free one that I got when I joined the gym, but I feel like I have to work out more before letting a trainer judge me. And I'm afraid that after my two sessions they'll pressure me to do more, which I can't afford.

The Razr is sexy. It also will make an audible tone when its battery is low, even if it's on vibrate, and emit a light brighter than the sun when you open it to turn it off. It will do these things with no regard for the fact that you're in the middle of a Broadway theater when it decides it needs more juice. Sorry 'bout that Broadway patrons and actors.

The Razr's lack of theater etiquette pales in comparison to that of the old woman behind us at the same show, who apparently was unable to breathe through her mouth and had some sort of sinus infection. It was like seeing a play with Darth Vader.

Because I'm a freak, I'm anxious to start my taxes, even though the year's only been over for 6 days. I could really use a refund!

What is with people getting new cell phones and not transferring their numbers over? Or not keeping any sort of address book anymore? I know I'm more obsessive than most about this sort of thing, but if I get one more "I lost my phone in a cab and I lost all my friends' info" email I might scream. Make an Excel spreadsheet, for God's sake.

Speaking of God's sake (or gods' sake, for you polytheists out there), is there some rule in the Desperate Housewives writers room that says every character must incorrectly say "for god sakes?" Obviously no one over there was reading my blog last year when I complained about this.

Radish had is first (somewhat belated) proper check-up at the vet. He was a brave little trooper and I was completely stressed about it.

I got a book to teach myself FileMaker, which I think would be very useful in my "real" career as well as a marketable skill. Of course, I haven't opened it.

When did product placement become so prevalent in video games?

Why do people pretty much only use the word "sundry" nowadays in the when they say "various and sundry," which is pretty much redundant?

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