Sunday, March 05, 2006

You Had Me At "I Will Not Condone A Course Of Action That Will Lead Us To War"

I've never liked Natalie Portman. I've seen her on film and on stage, and I've read interviews with her, and I think she's a terrible actress and kind of a moron. The only thing I've kind of liked her in was Garden State, but I wanted nothing more during that movie than to reach through the screen and slap her character, so really it was just another form of hate.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live, while better the last couple of seasons, hasn't exactly been genius television.

So what the hell happened last night? Portman was entirely charming, game for anything, and damn funny. It was the first episode all year where I didn't fast forward through a single sketch. Even in the bad ones, I couldn't wait to see what they'd throw at her next.

My world is turned upside-down.

(Post title lovingly ripped off from here.)

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