Thursday, April 06, 2006

I hate everybody.

Everything always breaks down at once. A month or two ago, my old DVD player died. Unfazed, we moved Boy's old DVD player – which we never use – from the bedroom to the living room. And two weeks later, that crapped out too.

No big deal, really. We ordered a sexy new one, and it shows how long I'd had the old one that my initial response was "Wow, DVD players are so cheap now!" In the meantime, we can watch DVDs on the PS2, and hook a laptop up to the TV easily enough.

So the other night we came home and there was a box from Amazon outside our apartment door. An empty box. Someone we don't know – a neighbor or a building employee, who knows? – had apparently signed for the package, then, rather than keep it and leave us a note, had left it at our door. Honestly, this doesn't seem like such a terrible thing to do; we've had things left for us before and I've never heard of any sort of crime in the building. And yet, someone had opened our package right up and taken our new toy right out.

I guess I'd built up my customer service karma though. I immediately called UPS and a lovely woman took a report of the incident, asked me to hang on to the remaining packaging for a few days just in case someone needed to come by and look at it ("but they probably won't") then told me to call Amazon. Amazon apparently outsources the overnight shift to India, and I actually sort of preferred the cranky women from the other day to the one who was essentially reading off a script. When she tried to end the call with "Thank you for shopping at and have a good day," I replied, "Thanks for your help, have a good night." I guess she'd expected me to just hang up, because there was a pause and then she said, "Thank you for shopping at and have a good day" again, with a slightly confused inflection. Oh well, she was efficient, and with hardly any questions asked had placed a new order for a replacement DVD player to be sent, free of charge. It was in my account online right away, and I immediately went in and changed the address to have it shipped to work.

So it all worked out pretty much okay. I'm a little shocked at how well it all seemed to go, actually.

But I still hate everybody, just on principle.

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