Friday, April 28, 2006

This is what I get for being so uptight about "ATM Machines"

I recently switched banks, and I'm generally quite happy with the move, but I think the new bank is the last one in New York City, if not the world, whose ATMs take your card and don't return it until the very end of the transaction, after dispensing the money and receipt. I'm used to dipping or swiping these days, or at least to getting the card back before the money, which is a nice safety measure.

You see where this is going, don't you? Last night I left the ATM without my card. And I'm not really blaming the machine or the bank for that; I should have been more careful. But here's where my hatred of people rears its ugly head. I was rushing in the first place because there was a line behind me. So I stepped aside as soon as I got my receipt to let the next person use the machine, and then I stood in the very small ATM vestibule putting my money in my wallet and getting myself together. Surely in this time the next person in line would have discovered my card, which probably popped out as soon as I turned by back? I had my headphones on, but I feel safe assuming no one said anything, since in such a situation one of the 5 people in the 7-by-7-foot room would surely have gotten my attention. Worse yet, the bank was still open, so you'd think whoever found it would at least turn it in? Nope. When I went there today they had nothing.

Now, I say all this actually assuming that the card was not stolen and used nefariously. If anyone used it like a credit card (which they'd have to, since they wouldn't know my PIN), it's possible those transactions won't show up in the computer for a few days. But for now the last withdrawal appears to be the one I made myself last night. The card's been cancelled and a new one's on the way, and there's nothing else I can do unless/until bad charges actually show up on the account. Until then, I'm just going to assume the card is lost, not stolen, and retain some faith in humanity.

Lord knows why.

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