Thursday, May 18, 2006

Name That iTune Answers

I was going to wait until next week, but since most of the remaining tracks are admittedly very obscure and people seem to be getting frustrated (like I said, even I wouldn't have solved most of them), I'll let y'all off the hook now and post the answers to the unsolved lyrics from yesterday.

I will say I'm shocked that no one got #11 and #18 (both somewhat less obvious songs, but from very popular albums by very popular bands), and, considering all the musical theatre fans I know read me, #10 and #13.

5) There's too much silence in her night. She calls herself an angel and she comes to town just so she can fall. - "Rock 'n' Roll Lies" by Razorlight

6) Am I sad? Not sad enough... - "Really" by Nellie McKay

7) All of my life I tried so hard, doing my best with what I had. Nothing much happened all the same. - "Thursday's Child" by David Bowie

8) Hope little girl, come blow me away. I don't care much, I'll win anyway. - "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" by David Bowie

10) Hello, folks, we're into the follies. First, though, folks, we'll pause for a mo'. - "Buddy's Blues" by Stephen Sondheim (from Follies)

11) I don't need no arms around me. And I don't need no drugs to calm me. - "Another Brick In The Wall Part 3" by Pink Floyd

13) A man's got a heart, hasn't he? Joking apart, hasn't he? - "Reviewing The Situation" by Lionel Bart (from Oliver!)

14) So long ago, was it in a dream? Was it just a dream? - "#9 Dream" by John Lennon

18) I want a love that's right, and right is only half of what's wrong. I want a short-haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long. - "Brown-Eyed Girl" by The Beatles

That was fun. For me, anyway. Maybe I'll make it a regular feature.

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