Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Name That iTune

I'm not usually one for the blogging memes, and I'm not even sure I have enough regular readers to make this one entirely successful, but I saw it on Whine and Cheese and since I listen to my iPod all day at work anyway (quietly, with speakers), it seemed like a fun thing to do, since I'm trying to post more anyway. Plus, it requires commenting, and we all know I'm a comment whore.

Here's how it works:
Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.

Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song. (Instrumental songs, obviously, do not count... I am also not counting songs where the tile is uttered in the first line) [Unless, I (Adam) have decided, it's so obscure that that won't matter, or I can sneak around it (title in the backing vocals, for example...not that that's a hint or anything).]

Step 3: Readers, comment and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

Step 4: Blogger, strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly and post the title in bold after the stricken song when it is guessed. (I will identify any unguessed songs...eventually. We'll see how people do.)

Step 5: (for those guessing the songs) Looking the lyrics up on Google or any other search engine is no fair... play nice! [That's not really a step, is it?]

I'm not going to Google anything either, so forgive me if I misquote something. And since I enjoy blogging my iPod on shuffle and haven't done it in a long time, I'll tell you what I skip too.

1) Walkin' like a man, hitting like a hammer, she's a juvenile scam, never was a quitter. Tasty like a raindrop… ["The Look" by Roxette - SA]

["One (reprise)/Finale" (A Chorus Line) disqualified for title being first word of song]

2) I had never met a Republican 'til I went to college. The mother of a classmate said she hated Bella Abzug, and I said, "Are you a Republican?" And she just laughed and I said, "bitch." ["Republicans" by William Finn - Faustus]

3) My dear mademoiselle, I have something to say. Something I fear was left unsaid. ["When We Are Wed" from Once On This Island - close enough mcm]

["Fame '90" (David Bowie) disqualified for title being every third word]

4) You lost your reputation on a woman; you didn't understand or care to know. ["Runaway Lover" by Madonna - tim]

5) There's too much silence in her night. She calls herself an angel and she comes to town just so she can fall.

6) Am I sad? Not sad enough...

["Of These, Hope" (Peter Gabriel) disqualified for being an instrumental]

7) All of my life I tried so hard, doing my best with what I had. Nothing much happened all the same.

8) Hope little girl, come blow me away. I don't care much, I'll win anyway.

9) Woke up today to everything grey, and all that I saw just kept going on and on. ["What You Wish" by Guster - m.e.]

10) Hello, folks, we're into the follies. First, though, folks, we'll pause for a mo'.

["Saturn Girl" (Paula Cole) disqualified for having the title in the first line.]

11) I don't need no arms around me. And I don't need no drugs to calm me.

["You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars" (Indigo Girls) disqualified for starting with the title.]

12) Help, someone come quickly! A car has crashed! ["Pray" from Once On This Island - mcm]

13) A man's got a heart, hasn't he? Joking apart, hasn't he?

14) So long ago, was it in a dream? Was it just a dream?

15) It's a fish-white belly, a lump in the throat. Razor on a wire, skin and bone. ["This Train Revised" by The Indigo Girls - VJM]

16) I go walkin' and at once they're stalkin' me... ["The Ladies Singing Their Song" from Baby - mcm]

17) You and I in a little toy shop buy a bag of balloons with the money we've got. ["99 Red Balloons" by Nena - Jenn]

["What How Where When Why" (Ani DiFranco) disqualified for annoying me.]
["The Clash of Lightsabers" (John Williams) disqualified for being an instrumental.]

18) I want a love that's right, and right is only half of what's wrong. I want a short-haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long.

19) You were the sweetest thing that I ever knew. But I don't care for sugar, honey, if I can't have you. ["Walking On Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox - SA]

["I Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (Melanie Doane) disqualified because, really, no one's going to ever get it (it's from the Buffy soundtrack).]
["Power To The People" (John Lennon) disqualified for being almost entirely the title.]
["I Can't Get No Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones) disqualified for starting with the title.]
["The Prophesy" (Michael Giaccino) disqualified for being an instrumental.]

20) Tarzan wasn't a ladies' man. ["Superman Song" by Crash Test Dummies - iMark]

That was fun! Not to get all mathy, but I remain sort of amazed by the odds of the shuffle. I've got 6,164 tracks on my iPod, yet in the 31 that played I got repeat artists and albums (not that that's a hint either). I do love that there are songs on here that I wouldn't be able to "solve" myself, and it's my iPod.

Have fun!

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