Thursday, June 15, 2006

5, 6, 7, 8

I'm writing from my Undisclosed Location at theater camp, which means Judgment Call has begun its unofficial summer hiatus. I'm hoping to write more than I did last summer, though. I've got a lot of posts planned and some even started. Though I've noticed a gradual evolution in The JC, and lately it's definitely been best when it's been spontaneous and brief, and not when I plan to write reviews or something like that. So we'll see. Only I have the power to make my blog not suck, and sometimes that may mean posting less often.

Some thoughts while I'm here though...

I got some posters from for my office (this one and this one), and I'm astonished by how many people think they're real motivational posters. Sure, they look good from a distance, but a lot of these people know me very well, and I'm appalled that they would think I'd ever put something like that up. I also assume that anyone who knows me well also shares my sense of humor somewhat and knows about But I guess not. It's a little disheartening and I'm going to have to take them down if this keeps up. But finding mean wall hangings designed to crush your interns' spirit is more challenging than you might think.

I may be the worst packer in the world. As much as I love to organize things, I'm just bad at fitting my life into a small space. Packing to come here is tricky. It's almost the whole summer, not like a 2-week vacation, and the temperature here can have as much as a 30-degree spread throughout the day. I'm not staying in a hotel, so while some things are provided, some are most definitely not. And it's work, so I've got all sort of supplies with me. Fortunately I got a ride up in a company car and didn't have to suffer with the train, but it was still a little embarrassing rolling up with my two gigantic bags, both stuffed beyond capacity...and my backpack, and my kit, and my printer.... Now that it's all unpacked and put away though, it doesn't look like that much stuff, and that transformation just confuses me.

This morning I downloaded 80s Hits Stripped from iTunes and I can't recommend it strongly enough. It's acoustic recordings of 15 80s pop hits done mostly by the original artists (or at least a lead singer). I've always maintained that some of the best pop music ever was produced in the 80s, but a lot of genuine talent was hidden behind the synthesized sound of the time. I'm not claiming that Howard Jones is a genius singer-songwriter, but "No One Is To Blame" is a damn fine piano ballad. And those girls in Heart can really wail.

Okay, there's a whole lotta tap-dancing going on in this room (not to 80s music) and it's giving me a headache, so I'm off for now. Hey, in the world of work-induced headaches, I'll take tapping over construction, bad a/c, fluorescent lights and loud lawyers any day.

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