Friday, June 02, 2006

Dearest MTA,

I know that the New York subway system is very complicated and technical, and things may occasionally break. Though if the DOT had "signal trouble" as often as you seem to, there would be thousands of car crashes in the city every day and mayhem would ensue. But okay, you had some signal trouble at 2:00 on a Friday morning, after I'd waited in the sweltering Times Square station for half an hour for a train in the first place. I respect that. Could your train operators possibly have informed us of the fact that the train would not, in fact, be taking me all the way home before we had passed the point where there were no other trains to transfer to? I have options, I just didn't know I'd need to use them.

Or perhaps the conductor was actually playing a cruel practical joke. You see, he told us the train would be terminating at Woodside and heading back to Manhattan. He told us we could get paper transfers "in the token booth area" which would get us onto a bus that would follow the train's route. Thing is, there were no paper transfers, the booth clerk knew nothing about it, and there was no sign of any sort of bus.

Oh but wait, MTA, it gets better. While a hundred or so people waited in confusion on the street below, the train continued going east into Queens and not back to Times Square at all. Remember, it's an elevated station and all the people you just stranded can see you.

So I headed back up to the station, thinking maybe we could salvage our relationship and you'd redeem yourself for your betrayal. Or instead I could sit there for 45 minutes - before giving up and throwing myself on the hood of a passing livery cab - while an inconceivable number of trains passed in the other direction, none of them ever returning to take me home.

What's that, MTA? You say this isn't a very good blog entry? Well, no, I suppose it's not, but maybe that's because I didn't get home until four o-fucking-clock in the morning. And whose fault might that be?

Hey, I know, go on strike again. You've clearly earned a vacation after all this hard work.

I hate you.


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