Monday, July 24, 2006

Random Updates From The Wilderness

Dear Blog,

Camp is great! I love my bunkmates, and the activities are super! I thought it would be weird not having any girls around, but it's not at all!

...It's not exactly that I don't have time to write, it's that time seems to work differently here. It goes very very quickly, and in the blink of an eye I've opened and closed one show, started rehearsals for another, and haven't blogged in six weeks. But also a ridiculous amount of things happen in that blink of an eye (like opening and closing one show and starting rehearsals for another) in this weird accelerated drama queen wormhole.

I always forget what it's like to live with roommates, especially ones you work with. It's not unpleasant, but it makes it hard to get anything done. At home, I'm generally happy to go to work and come home without seeing anyone but Boy and Cat for days at a time. Here, there's a built-in and inescapable social life. I'm not complaining; it's a very enjoyable social life and it goes a long way towards mitigating the stress and exhaustion if the long hours and general sense of drama (there should be no drama, we're not doing brain surgery here, but when you put this many young, hyped-up theater people in one place for this long, things start to get a little bit like Romeo and Juliet, and I have a few people I'd like to throw off a balcony). But it does make it tricky to accomplish much outside of work. I could come home, go to my room, and play Liberty City or watch a DVD, but I just don't. I've only watched half a Netflick since I got here (and it was one I'd started at home), and have barely cracked season two of Battlestar Galactica, despite my obsessive tear through season one in the spring. I don't even mind that I'm missing Project Runway. Who am I??

I miss blogging, and writing for myself, but more than that I miss reading. I was falling behind on paper things even at home, but here I've not read any blogs, or Slate or Salon or Fametracker... any of my usually daily RSS fixes. I check in with Playbill every day because that's sort of work, and I get NYC news through a 5-minute podcast while I'm getting dressed. For the first few weeks I kept up with close friends' blogs, but I've even lost track of those now. I feel cut off, but the weird part is how little I really mind. With no commute, all but the shortest podcasts have piled up too.

...Though at the moment I no longer even have an iPod. My Precious was having some issues, but I thought it would make it at least to its second birthday in September. Then last week it crapped out entirely. My laptop was able to recognize it just enough to erase it (oh, sorry, Restore it), and then wasn't able to figure out how to put all my stuff back on it. Someone else here said the same thing happened to her, and the people at the Apple Store told her this model (the first click-wheels) has about a year-and-a-half lifespan. Annoying for something that cost almost $500, but I'm being pretty zen about it. I hardly use the thing here, except to listen to music in my room, and I can do that with the laptop almost as well. My birthday is in 2 weeks so I'm waiting patiently until then to get myself a black video one. I figure when I'm home I can go to the store and see if they can repair or replace it without charging an arm and a leg, and then I can sell it on eBay and come out close to even.

I don't even use my Palm here. Time has no meaning; every work day is pretty much the same (schedule-wise), and non-work stuff is fluid and rarely planned, so I've stopped carrying it around. Unfortunately, this means I miss things that I'd normally have on my to-do list, like paying the mortgage or sending someone a birthday card. And I inevitably forget to buy something at the grocery store because I don't have my lists. It's weird, like a part of my brain is missing.

We have a PS2 in the house, and I did once have visions of sitting on the porch with the PSP, but I've used both very little. When people start leaving and I have more free time (it sucks that those two things happen at exactly the same time), I suspect I'll play more. And maybe catch up on all that TV.

On the bright side, I put my flash drive through the laundry and it still works.

Adding to the weirdness of this place, there are about eight million kids here from my college. We're not known for our theater program, so I'm not used to running into alums at work. They're all around ten years younger than me. I'm used to feeling old here, but somehow knowing that I once took the same classes with the same teachers as these kids, lived in the same dorms, have this weird common language of student groups and building names even though we shouldn't have much in common makes me feel even older. I'm suddenly the elder statesman, the apex of these guys' networking abilities. That's not saying much, as our school is terrible about networking the theater kids, so I'm happy we're sort of starting one, but when did I go from complaining about not knowing anyone to being the guy other people want to know?

Last weekend Boy came up to visit, and then I drove him home and spent a few brief hours in NYC. It was sort of silly, since I spent almost as much time in the car as I did in the apartment, but it was lovely to sleep in my own bed, with an air conditioner and the cat (although the latter was quite indifferent to my return). I hate driving, but on the way back I realized I was truly alone for the first time in weeks. It was sort of exciting. And I guess I got over my general fear of cars, because I managed to get a speeding ticket.

Well, speaking of not having enough Me Time, I'm going to step away from the desk and enjoy what's left of this beautiful afternoon. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the only nature I've encountered is stars and mosquitoes. But I hear rumors of something called the sun....

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