Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh, TV, how will you disappoint me this time?

The first new TV show of the fall season that I'm interested in is on tonight, so it seems like a good time to tell you what I'm watching. I haven't done much of this sort of blogging lately, but I'm in the mood.

It's a light season for me, which I'm generally pleased about. I like my TV (probably more than most) but I'm happy to not overdo it. A lot of things I've watched for years ended last spring, leaving me with a pretty clean slate for the fall. And there are a few shows I'm curious about but that I don't expect to actually enjoy in the long run, and a few more that I don't think will last long (which means I'll probably love them). So here's my schedule...

The Simpsons
Family Guy
Desperate Housewives
Really nothing to say about any of those, except that I hope that Housewives sucks less this year.

The Class
This will probably suck, but it has some actors I like, mostly from theater stuff, so I want to check it out. It's an interesting premise (3rd grade classmates reunite 20 years later) but not necessarily...what's the word? ...funny.
How I Met Your Mother
I'm still sort of amazed by how this show has hooked me. I watched the first couple of episodes and wasn't impressed (though I like the entire cast) but when Entertainment Weekly wouldn't shut up about how good it was I watched again towards the end of the season and loved it.
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
How can I not watch something written by Aaron Sorkin?
Geektastic! I may hate it. Comic booky stuff is hit-or-miss with me. But Alias' Greg Grunberg is in it, which is a total plus.

Eh. I'm pretty sure I won't make it past two episodes of this, but I really like Gina Torres. I like her less in a thankless supporting role though, so we'll see.
House is a show, like Law and Order and CSI, that I enjoy but don't feel the need to watch regularly. But I might add it to my regular rotation this season, at least as long as I'm not working nights and it doesn't take up DVR space.

I must watch anything Victor Garber does, but do we really need another lawyer show? Or Kerr Smith?
Looks spectacularly creepy. I give it a month.
I was eh on it for most of last season, but the last couple of episodes sucked me back in. Besides, I'd never not watch it; what would I talk about with the rest of the world?
The Nine
Intrigued by the high concept, but afraid it will end up being very dull. And if it's not dull, will it get cancelled so we never get to find out what happened?
30 Rock
How can I not watch something written by and starring Tina Fey? (Does anyone else think it's strange that this and Studio 60 are both on NBC?)
Project Runway
I never really blogged about how I became obsessed with Runway last season. It's just too damn good. I'm hardly the first person to say this, but I love that they actually have to make things ever week, not run a relay race underwater and then solve a giant jigsaw puzzle using island trivia. I'm sure there's some consideration of what personalities will make for good TV in casting and elimination, but ultimately they have to design and make clothes with minimal time and resources. I sometimes get lost in the high fashion stuff, but as Tim says, it's all about taste. And Tim's podcasts are brilliant, especially when he talks about things that were edited out or how the show is made.

Ugly Betty
I know very little about this except that it's called Ugly Betty. That's enough to get me to watch it once!
Six Degrees
Could be interesting. Or it could be like every single mediocre young-people-in-New-York indie film ever made. As Salon put it, "A character-driven drama in which the characters aren't all that compelling."

Battlestar Galactica

Really, for me, this isn't much (except for Wednesday)! And I expect it will be cut in half by the end of October. But since I have very little to do right now, yay TV!

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