Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blogging about blogging. How very 2004.

My third bloggiversary came and went unnoticed on September 7th. Unnoticed by me, I mean, I wouldn't expect anyone else to notice. Completely coincidentally, this is my 700th post, which boggles (bloggles?) my mind a little bit. When I started this I didn't think I had that much to say. (Some would say I actually didn't.)

I switched to the beta of the new and improved Blogger, primarily so I could add category labels to posts, something I've wished I could do for a while. So I've been looking at old posts as I go through and label the archives. A lot of it is better than I thought, if I do say so myself! It's also reminded me of the importance of keeping a journal offline too, since I keep coming across things I'd completely forgotten (I seem to have raved about several short-lived TV shows I no longer remember even existing), and it's nice to be reminded of things I did or thought or said.

All the back-editing has had the side-effect of artificially inflating my Sitemeter stats, because whenever you update your blog it gets put into the rotation of random sites accessed by the Blogger NavBar at the top of the screen. By editing old posts all day long, I'm apparently keeping it in there a lot. I got really excited for a minute when I thought I had 60 real hits in a day! Oh well. Hi to any new visitors, and thanks to the 5 or 10 regulars. I'd like it if more people read The JC, I guess. What's the point of doing this publicly instead of just emailing my friends if only my friends read it? Plus more hits are good for my ego. But I've learned in three years that I just enjoy the act of blogging, the excuse to write and teach myself some HTML, so I'm still here.

Speaking of HTML, and back to the Blogger Beta: they've added this cool new interface so that customizing your template and adding things to your sidebar is a breeze, and doesn't require messing around with code. Unfortunatly, I now can't mess around with the code (not sure if it's actually impossible or if it's just too new-fangled for me to understand), so I only have control over the things Blogger gives me control over. And as you know, I'm a control freak, so I haven't switched to one of the new templates yet.

I also can't get Haloscan comments to work in the new templates, so if anyone knows how to do that please let me know. I seem to lose a big chunk of my archives when I turn on Blogger's built-in commenting system (which didn't exist back when I started). Plus, I don't want to lose all the old comments anyway by ditching Haloscan. So that's a big thing keeping me from making the full switch.

You know me, I just love a new toy. And I'm temping, so having something to play with all day in front of the computer is a damn good thing!