Saturday, September 30, 2006


I shouldn't watch Felicity reruns first thing in the morning. I get too worked up. It'll all end so badly, Felicity! You'll barely work after graduation, and Ben will be attacked by spandex-clad werewolves. Noel, who you've forsaken, will end up marrying Sydney Bristow, but, when he fails to get his movie made, will kill Julia Salinger's friends. Sydney will leave him for the hotter but still sensitive and attentive Michael Vaughn, breaking Noel's heart yet again. Then she'll leave him, inexplicably, for Daredevil and their baby will have a complex about not being as famous as Suri Cruise. Ben's best friend, meanwhile, will join the CIA, but after falling in love with a comatose zombie will get a job as a commercial pilot and be eaten by an unseen monster after crashing on a desert island, and eventually develop superpowers. And the Pink Ranger will never be heard from again, leaving Japan totally defenseless from giant low-budget monsters. See what you've wrought, Felicity???

Of course it's possible that I'm mixing up fiction and reality again.