Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm hating the new version of iTunes. I hate that I can't view my entire Library (music, video, podcasts, etc.) all at once (I mean, not even multiple video types together?), I hate that the new headings take up so much space in the sidebar, and I hate the overall design - that baby blue background in the store, the weird overuse of capital letters ("EXCLUSIVELY ON iTunes"), all the fake shiny. What's with the new shiny glossy screen trend anyway? On things that are meant to be carried around and not used in places where one can control the lighting? The reflections off my iPod and PSP screens (not to mention the fingerprints) drive me nuts. Why has Apple decided to make iTunes mimick this on my wonderfully easy-to-read matte Powerbook? is this what we can expect everything to look like in Leopard or Ocelot or whatever?

The new iPod summary screen is cool, if essentially useless. Ditto Cover Flow. Sure, it looks neat, but what's the point? "You can flip through your digital music and video collection the same way you flip through CDs." Well, but not really, 'cause my CDs have spines and I can view many at a time. So, pretty but slow and with no real function. (Now Cover Flow in the store would be handy. Remember going to a used CD store and picking something up just because the cover caught your eye? Sadly, many of you probably don't. But I do. Hey Somerville kids, is Disc Diggers even still there?)

Oh, and look, here's a report from a very reliable geek of losing all his purchased music when he updated. Great.

I'll always prefer OS X to Windows (writing this in Explorer in XP only confirms that), but I guess I'm just tired of Apple "fixing" things that ain't broke. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for some better features in Address Book. I also wish their different departments would get together a little more. They work so hard to make everything look the same, but it doesn't function the same way. Letting us organize iTunes playlists and iCal calendars into folders? Brilliant. How about letting us do the same with Address Book groups and iPhoto albums? Holding down Option in Address Book highlighs any groups the selected contact is in. Why doesn't that work with playlists in iTunes? For my money, it's all better than the Microsoft alternatives, but why can't it be better still?

I had to upgrade my iTunes to keep using the Music Store, which also irks me - the lack of choice to just keep using what I was happy with. Is iTunes 7 slow because I don't have an Intel Mac? Probably. Will I have to buy Tabby to get updates to the bundled software? Definitely. Will it run slowly on my G4? Possibly. Will I be irritated? For sure. Will something shiny catch my eye and make me forget I was cranky today? Who are we kidding - of course!

(Yup, still on the cold meds.)

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