Monday, November 13, 2006

Uninvited Guests

This is sort of an embarrassing thing to broadcast on the blog, but I'm hoping for some advice. So I'm both glad I have so few readers and wishing I had more.

We have a minor roach problem in the apartment. Bugs don't generally freak me out, provided they leave me alone. And a roach or two in an apartment building (especially when we're lazy about doing the dishes) is to be expected. But lately we've had what I consider to be a higher-than-normal amount. Not like some kind of horrific Creepshow infestation, but I see a few each day, and I do not like that. I did a big take-everything-out-of-the-drawers-and-cabinets clean of the kitchen, and then set out new Combat baits, which have always worked for me in the past. Hardly any change. I moved on to the Combat gel, which actually seems to have made the problem worse.

An exterminator comes to the building once a month, and judging by the full sign-up sheet in the lobby we're not the only ones having this problem (which helps me not feel like a slob, and also gives me yet another reason to hate my neighbors). But I've always been wary of airborne insecticides, which don't seem terribly healthy, and now that we have the cat, I really don't want any industrial poison in the house. But I don't want roaches either.

So, anyone have any suggestions? Kill the roaches but not me or the kitten, preferably without having to take my whole kitchen apart? Something organic, perhaps?