Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Decorations Gone Wrong (and Right!) #6-9

So Christmas has been over for almost a week but I still have a couple of horrifying photos to share.

The first isn't technically a holiday decoration, but the woman on line behind us at the bus station on the 23rd wore this sweatshirt and I'm sure she thought it was festive:

It's a fuzzy picture because I was taking it surreptitiously while pretending to text message, but - WHAT THE HELL?? She has the face of a small animal on her chest!! I mean, it's not real (I hope) and in the photo it looks like it might be a pin, but in the flesh it seemed to be embroidered on to the shirt. It doesn't look happy, does it? And just... why?? I'd find it distracting to wear. Imagine hugging grandma hello and meeting that?

And speaking of creepy, what's up with all the super-creepy department store window displays this year? First there was the ferocious, penguin-eating lion at Macy's, and yesterday I walked by these tykes at Bloomingdales:

"Help us! We're trapped and Santa's coming to kill us!" All the faces at Bloomingdale's are like this, Santa's included. I only took this one photo, but most of the windows feature very large, imposing figures and it's hard to tell if they're smiling or grimacing. It's truly the Most Horrifying Christmas Ever.

But in the spirit of the season, and a brighter New Year (not less judgmental, just brighter), I thought I should also show a couple photos of decorations gone right. The management company of my co-op tends to go overboard on the lobby decorations (I really don't want my maintenance fees paying for the autumnal hay bales and scarecrows), but I thought they did a lovely job with this year's tree:

I could do without the white garland, but it's pretty and tasteful and bright and makes me - yes, even me - feel all Christmasy.

This is on 58th Street between Lexington and 3rd:

I like everything about this unique building and its plaza, and not just because the Container Store is there. Cool architecture and a lovely tree.

Finally, my mother-in-law did a splendid job at home - and who cares what the tree looks like, look at all those presents!!