Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Because I wasn't spending enough time in front of the computer

I'll admit to being nervous when Bravo (owned, of course, by NBC, which is owned by Universal, which is owned by GE, which is probably owned by malevolent aliens) bought Television Without Pity, but proof of the good that smart, snarky people can do with a corporate budget (and corporate servers) arrived today.

TV Big Shot is like Fantasy Football for TV nerds. I say that having never fully understood what Fantasy Football is, but I think I'm right... You're given a bunch of fake money, with which you buy real TV shows for your fake network. You win points based on the real-life ratings for your shows, and at the end someone wins real money.

I don't think I'll do very well (I've already blown half my money by buying two shows I don't think will last but that I expect will have very good premieres this week, before learning that when you add a show you don't get points for it until the following week... if I have one complaint it's that some of the rules are hard to find, often hidden in blog post comments) and I may lose interest, but right now I'm a little obsessed.

If you start playing let me know so I can add your network to my "Spy List." Mine, of course, is Radish One.