Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First TV Thoughts of the Season

I do so love this time of year. The smell of dying leaves, and the dying souls of exploited children.

Some early, while-its-still-airing thoughts on Kid Nation....

This is the BEST SHOW EVER.

Re: sleeping on crappy mattresses in dusty wooden cabins - have none of these children been to camp before? And if not, what made them (or their parents) think it was a good idea for them to go on this show?

I'm of the belief that kids today are over-diagnosed and over-medicated (you might say that every 11-year-old has ADHD), but some of these guys seem to have genuine anxiety problems. Did their parents just want them out of the house for a while?

The kids I'd most want to smack in real life are the ones I most enjoy watching. The fast-talker, Boston accent girl, and the little "I have a dream" (of pancakes) boy. I look forward to watching them fall apart and fight over the conch.

It's tough to buy into the whole "no adults" thing when there are clearly crew-people everywhere, and producers pulling the kids aside for one-on-one interviews all the time. It would be much more convincing if they'd set it up Big Brother style.

The town council takes orders from a ghost in a book!

Also, Back To You is pretty terrible.

Edited to add: They're doing a Survivor-style challenge to ESTABLISH A CLASS SYSTEM. BEST SHOW EVER!!